$125.00 USD

The Formula

The Formula was created for those with severe digestive issues who are also looking to lose extra weight.

The Formula contains the best qualities from IBS, Women’s Health, and Weight Loss diets to combine into one effective eating plan.

I call this The Formula.

The Formula was created for you.

  • IBS: Lower in FODMAPs
  • Digestion: Plant-based
  • Women’s Health: Complete Protein & Omega 3’s
  • Weight Loss: slight calorie deficit through consumption of whole foods
Inside you'll get:
  • Done-for-you meal plan
  • Grocery list
  • Approved foods list
  • IBS & Weight Loss Education
  • Live, 60-minute training session and Q&A to equip you with nutrition skills for life

Outcome: your best digestion, health, and body